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We are one of the best Used Cell Phone Store online, select your carrier

Large Selection Of Phones

What makes us one of the best Used Cell Phone Store online is our selection. Not only do we have Used Smartphones for sale, we also have basic flip phones too. Our inventory is always changing with phones added every day. If there's something you are looking for specifically we can usually get it. Give us a call or send us an email. We do our best to make your shopping experience hassle free when looking for a Used Cell Phone Store.

Ready To Activate Phones

We take great measures to ensure that when you get your cell phone it is ready to go. This means that all functions are good and the phone is ready to activate. It does not matter if its Used Verizon Phones or Used Sprint Phones we have checked to make sure it is ready to activate on your account. This is what sets us apart from other Used Cell Phone Store. Our attention to detail will surprise you and keep you coming back.

Charger Warranty Included

Something that comes standard for all of our Used Cell Phones For Sale is a home wall charger and a warranty. A working battery and a home wall charger is essential for the phone to be functional. What good would it be if the phone you received needed extra parts to work properly. This is why the battery and charger comes standard. In case things do not go as planned we stand behind your purchase with a 30 day warranty.


Used Cell Phone Store With Flip Phones

Used Cell Phone Store Verizon FlipWhen looking to Buy Used Cell Phones online or in a store you might expect the same phones you find the carrier store. This is quite the opposite. At our Used Cell Phone Store in Austin TX called The Austin Cell Phone we have all types of phones. For example there are not many Verizon Flip Phones at the Verizon Wireless store. We have a huge selection of flip phones for sale on Verizon and all the other major carriers. All phones for sale at our Used Cell Phone Store comes with a 30 warranty, a standard home wall charger and a tested battery. We make sure that when you receive your replacement cell phone that it will work and activate on your service without any issues.

Used Smart Cell Phone Store For All Carriers

Used Smart Cell Phone StoreIn today's day smart phones can get pretty pricey. You can buy one at full price new and you own it. However buying a new smart phone will run you about $600 depending on the phone. You can also lease one from the carrier store by paying for the phone with payments spread out over 2 years. Another option is buying Used Smartphones For Sale online or in a Used Cell Phone Store. When you need a replacement phone we suggest you compare the savings buying used rather than new or via a payment plan. Also if you want to upgrade you can Sell My Phone via our buy back website Recycled Cellular. Use the credit from your old phone towards a new "used" one. Contact us for more details.