Where To Buy A Good Rugged Flip Phone

Rugged Flip Phone

Where To Buy A Good Rugged Flip Phone

Having a rugged flip phone might not seem like it is the “smart” thing to do or like it is something out of the past, but for those who cling to their basic phones, they know that the durability and the reliability cannot be beaten.

People don’t always have office jobs or lives where they can protect a $700 computer that can fit in your pocket. Those who still want a basic, rugged flip phone may not always have many obvious choices, but they are still out there:

Why a Rugged Flip Phone is Better

There are so many reasons why a rugged flip phone is better than a traditional flip phone or a used smartphone. These models are more pocket friendly, meaning you don’t have to worry about bending and sitting on top of them. They won’t crack or shatter if you drop them or sit on them weirdly as well.

Remember your first cell phone? You dropped it all the time, let it roam around in your purse, and it barely had a scratch on it. For many people, the only reason that they even got a new phone was because the companies didn’t support that particular model anymore. A rugged flip phone is specifically made so that it can stand up to the tests of life. The shells are thicker and the impact is immediately absorbed by the materials used to make the phone. In some cases, they are water resistant so that you don’t have to be afraid to use them ever.

Many people also like this variety because the battery lasts for a long time – sometimes up to two weeks! Smartphones have so much going on inside of them that they need to be charged almost every night.

Of course, one of the biggest appeals of a rugged flip phone is that they aren’t nearly as expensive as the traditional smart phone, especially if you aren’t all that picky. Many flip phone models have all of the basics: calling, texting, and internet. Some will even let you take pictures.

Finally, some phones have a MilSpec rating that shows just how much they can really stand up to.

Why Smartphones Are Pushed Over Rugged Flip Phones

If you go into the phone store, you will immediately be presented with the newest smartphone models. The flip phones are often relegated to the back of the store in a corner where no one expects you to go. Of course, this is partly because smartphones cost more and give a better profit for the store. They also encourage people to buy more accessories, like screen protectors and cell phone cases. There is also the need for an expensive internet or data plan.

With rugged flip phones, you don’t really have to worry about all of that.

How to Find a Pre-Owned Flip Phone

Still, rugged flip phones are becoming harder and harder to find. Since fewer people tend to ask about them, you only have a few choices. This means that while they are still less expensive than a traditional smartphone, the price is still going up a bit.

If you want to avoid the high costs, consider getting a pre-owned rugged flip phone. It is very easy to buy used flip phones that will work with your existing network at best used cell phones. You will also get more selection than you would in a traditional store – no picking between two or three phones that you aren’t really in love with.

Buy A Used Flip Phone

If you buy from the right resource, you will have everything good that comes along with a phone – a warranty, customer service, and support should anything go wrong with your flip phone.

If you are looking for the best possible place to shop for your used rugged flip phone, or you want to go somewhere other than a retail outlet for your new rugged flip phone, consider heading over to Best Used Cell Phones for many more options and assistance. There you will find every thing from the rugged flip phone to highend discount smartphones.

At the end of the day, the more delicate and fragile smartphones that seem to have taken over today’s world might not be the best option for you. Many people need more rugged phones that can withstand a lot – and luckily, if you know where to look, you can find one.

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