This Is Where To Find Old Flip Cell Phones

Old Flip Cell Phones

This Is Where To Find Old Flip Cell Phones

When you think about your next dream phone, chances are that you might not be thinking about old flip cell phones. The iPhone craze is all the hype right now but those expensive smartphones are fragile and can break the second you drop it. If your fancy smartphone survives the drop it will become it will become obsolete the next month when they release something new. A basic, used flip phone never goes out of style and can take more abuse than most smartphones.

Although the selection of flip phones may be slim, there are still plenty around that can still be used. Additionally, there is more of a demand for these simple phones than you think. Continue reading to find out where you can buy them.

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How to Find Old Flip Cell Phones For Sale

While flip phones are still being produced, finding a decent selection to choose from can be tricky. The problem is that the business model of the cell phone companies and cell phone manufactures revolve around smartphones.

Take Verizon Wireless for example. There are 7 flip phones available compared to the 28 smartphones different smartphones. There are tons of older used Verizon flip phones that can still be activate and used that work just as good as the ones sold in stores.

The key to getting a flip phone might be to go through another system. You can get older model flip cell phones that are cheaper but still work perfectly well. All you have to do is activate them with your existing account. For Verizon, you do have to make sure that the phone you choose is compatible with Verizon. This is also tru for all of the other carriers.

Where to Find a Good, Inexpensive Basic Flip Phone

A new smartphone can run you hundreds of dollars, and it is rumored that the next iPhone will cost over $1,000. There are ways on finding discount smartphones, for example buying a used smartphone. Otherwise, not everyone has that kind of money just sitting around.

Old flip cell phones aren’t anywhere near that much. In fact you can get one for under $40 – saving you a ton of money. When it comes to buying an older model cell phone, especially used, you want to make sure you do business with a company that fully testes their phones and provides a warranty.

At Best Used Cell Phones all phones are tested and give a 30 day warranty. We are also highly rated by our customers. We sell all phones from the older models to the latest and greatest.

Used Flip Phones For Sale

Why You Should Shop With Us

We have been in the online in the used cell phone business for the past 8 years. We also have a brick and mortar used cell phone store and cell phone repair shop in Austin Texas. When it comes to reviews, we have those too. Check out our awesome BestUsedCellPhone reviews.

Each phone we sell has been fully tested by hand, inspected, data wiped and cleaned. We believe that this provides a superior product not only on the old flip cell phones but also the high end smartphones.

Of course there are times when things do not work out. Either we let a defect slip by, whoops, or the phone decides to go haywire. This is why we provide a 30 day warranty on all phones sold by us on our site. Simply contact us by phone or email to arrange an exchange.

All of our phone will as come with a batter and a home wall charger.

If you are looking for old flip cell phones for sale, you might have a little trouble at first. However, once you shop with us and find the one you want you will not be disappointed.

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