OMG…. Where Did The Home Button On The iPhone Go?

OMG…. Where Did The Home Button On The iPhone Go?

With the new iPhone 8 and iPhone X revealed, Apple has answered to the questions and rumors regarding the home button: has Apple finally let go of its iconic Home button?

Leaked images before the iPhone were released resulted in a firestorm of controversy that Apple will deviate from its iconic designs back when it was originally introduced in 2007.

The elimination of the physical home button means that Apple will pack the new iPhone with more power to compensate for the missing home button. Apple's latest software is sure to have all the bells and whistles.

There Will Always Be Rumors About The New iPhone

There are still many stories surrounding the newest iPhone. The quality of the display will different since Apple is moving from LCD to an OLED display.

Let's hope the improvement includes enhanced durability. The increased cost of the latest iPhone usually translates into higher cell phone screen repair prices for people prone to accidents.

The antenna is also reported to have a new design & the new iPhone will be come with the new iOS 11 and A11 chip from Apple.

Where Is The Home Button?

The destiny of the home button on the new iPhone X has been revealed. As mentioned earlier, it's widely discussed that going forward Apple will get rid of the physical home button permanently. Will that work for Apple? Feedback suggests that users are comfortable with not having a physical home button.

The new iPhone X has a "thin, software bar" at the bottom of the display that will serve as the replacement of the physical home button.

The user drags this bar up to the center of the screen to unlock the iPhone. If the user is inside an application, the same gesture dragging to the center of the display are also used for multitasking.

From there, a flick upwards will close the app and will take the user back to the home screen. This is a new feature that most people are not familiar with on their used smartphones for sale.

A New Multitasking Look

The multitasking user interface has been changed to resemble a series of separate cards that the user can swipe through compared to the stack of cards presently on the iPhone. The software bar in place of the home button in now on the iPhone X and easily operated.

However, users of the iPhone 8 still love that physical home button and their used Verizon cell phones.

Apple To Make Their Announcement Soon

For eager to make the switch, take it easy. It's reported that Apple will discontinue the iPhone X and come out with a newer version that has no home button either. There are rumors of two lower end versions, the iPhone 7s Plus and iPhone 7s, that has yet to be announced. Apple will also be releasing the Apple Watch Series 4 and a new 4K Apple TV.

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