Should You Get Your Phone Repaired or Just Replaced It?

Repair or Replace That Phone

Should You Get Your Phone Repaired or Just Replaced It?

While we don’t want to admit it, having a broken phone is just the worst. We feel like we don’t have part of ourselves with us – we don’t have access to our email, our text messages, the ability to distract ourselves with YouTube videos, and the world feels hollow. Ok, that last part was exaggerated.

For most of us, not having a phone isn’t even an option anymore because so much of our lives are on there, from our credit cards to all of the phone numbers that we need.

When you have a broken phone, you can feel lost and alone, but that feeling doesn’t have to feel that way for long. There are a few steps you can take to get yourself connected again: get it repaired or get it replaced.

Getting a Phone Repaired

Repairing Your Phone

The first solution that might come into your mind is to get your phone repaired. Repairing a phone is often cheaper than getting a replacement, especially if the problem isn’t all that huge. That's when a cell phone repair shop comes handy.

With today’s phone, even something as simple as a broken switch can render it useless. In that case, repairing a phone doesn’t cost all that much and doesn’t take long either. The same for a cracked phone – cracked screen repair is simple and quick.

Many of us have plans where we can return the phone to get an upgrade. If your phone is completely broken and doesn’t work, you won’t be able to use that benefit. As the price of phones continues to rise, we need that little bit of cash from that phone to buy something newer and better – this is especially true if you have an iPhone. iPhone repair is difficult and should be completed by a professional, because the standards for an iPhone are higher than for many other phones.

If you are in Austin, Texas, The Austin Cell Phone is a fantastic place to reach out for superior cell phone repair, including iPhone repair.

Getting a Replacement

Another option you have is getting a replacement. Simply walk into a store, spend about $800 and get yourself a brand new phone. If you had payments on the phone that your broke, you have to pay those as well.

Simple, right?

For most people, getting a brand-new replacement just doesn’t make sense when it costs as much as a car payment or a mortgage payment.

Instead, you might consider getting something used. But, where should you start? Read our article on the best places to buy a used phone.

Used cell phones are often great phones that have been cast aside because their previous owners just wanted the newest model. However, you do have to be careful when purchasing used cell phones. You want to make sure that the phone is compatible with your existing service and that you get a phone that will actually work.

You should buy a used cell phone from a reputable service that will give you a warranty and one that inspects the phones, cleans them, and know what to look for in a broken phone.

On the eCommerce side of Best Used Cell Phones we used and refurbished phones ready to activate on your service. We categorize all of our phones by the carrier. For example, on our used Verizon cell phones page all of the phones seen there are compatible and ready to activate on your existing Verizon service.

All of the phones we sell have been hand tested, verified clean to activate, visually inspected and cleaned. We also include the battery, a standard home wall charger and 30 day warranty.

Go Without a Phone

Or, you can simple not have a cell phone. It doesn’t matter that you might get texts from that person you went out with a few weeks ago, you can’t remember your own parent’s phone number anymore, and you have to go to an actual computer to answer your email. In fact, the silence is nice, isn’t it?

Shop Best Used Cell Phones

See how long you can last without your phone, and you’ll find that silence isn’t actually golden. It will make you anxious and you feel like you are out of the loop. When that time comes, pay a visit to our eCommerce site, or The Austin Cell Phone if your in Austin. You can also give us a call (FROM A LANDLINE?!) to get more information about the first two options.

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