This Is Where You Can Get Verizon Pre Owned Phones

Verizon Pre Owned Phones

This Is Where You Can Get Verizon Pre Owned Phones

When you need to replace your phone and you don’t want have to learn a new one, you might have a problem. With Verizon, and all other carriers, it is difficult to find a phone that is simple and works like your old one did. They keep updating everything and making it so that you have to buy the newest phones. Or do you? One option that many people are looking into is buying Verizon pre owned phones.

This enables you to keep the phone you love, not pay as much money, and still know that your phone will work with your existing Verizon service.

Where Can You Buy Verizon Pre Owned Phones?

When looking for pre owned Verizon phones for sale, there are few places that have them. You most likely will not find them at the Verizon store. However, you want to make sure that you get a phone that is ready to activate.

Verizon Wireless

You could try a classified site and buy one locally, however that can be dangerous and there are are guarantees.

We suggest checking out our selection of used Verizon phones for sale first before going someplace else. All of our Verizon pre owned phones have been fully tested, verified clear to activate on your account, comes with a battery, wall charger and a warranty.

You can also search on eBay for Verizon pre owned phones however make sure that you are buying from an established buyer with a good reputation. We are also sellers on eBay too.

Why BesyUsedCellPhones for Pre Owned Verizon Phones?

Our eCommerce side of Best Used Cell Phones has been around for over 5 years selling new, used & refurbished cell phones. When it comes to selling a pre owned phone for any carrier we have the whole process down.

We like to think of ourselves as your premier choice to buy a used replacement cell phone. So what makes us different?

We hand test every single phone we list for sale for a variety of functions to make sure the phone works as it is supposed to. Then we check the phones serial number to make sure that it is eligible to be reactivated, clean the phone and factory data reset it. We then pair up the phone with a good, working battery and a standard home wall charger. Your purchase with us is also back by a 30 day warranty.

So, for pre owned Verizon phones for sale and for all of our other phones you are getting a premium product. Most other used cell phone stores found online, eBay or classified sites will not go as far as we do to make sure you get a good working phone that will activate on your account. Check out our reviews.

Pre Owned Verizon Cell Phones For Sale

Verizon Pre Owned Cell Phones Are Still Good To Activate

A common misconception is that the older Verizon phones can not be activated anymore. This is not the case. Older used Verizon flip phones and Verizon smartphones can still be activated and used on your current Verizon plan. There are some very old Verizon 2G phones that are no longer supported. However, we do not list them for sale on our site.

This can save you hundreds of dollars buying one of our Verizon pre owned phones over a new smartphone. You can save even more on your data plan by going for a basic type phone in a pinch.

These are options you will not find at any Verizon store you go to. We ship nation wide and ordering from our site is super easy.

If you live in Austin Texas you can visit our physical store at The Austin Cell Phone to buy any the pre owned Verizon phones listed on our site. We also do cell phone repair if all you have is a cracked screen.

Have questions? Drop us a comment below, send us an email or give us a call. We are pleased to assist in any way possible.

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