The Difference Between Used & New Verizon No Contract Phones

Verizon No Contract Phones

The Difference Between Used & New Verizon No Contract Phones

One of the biggest pieces of news to come out of the cell phone industry in the last few years is the elimination of contracts. Many big name retailers, including Verizon are now doing "contract free" plans. Now, Verizon no longer locks you into a 2-year contract. Instead, they focus on providing phones at full price that you then have to pay off as you go. In the past, you would sign a contract but get a free or highly discounted phone. This gives a new meaning to what a Verizon no contract phones really is.

Still, there is another version of a Verizon no contract phone. A version that does not involve going to a Verizon store, buy a used Verizon phone.

How Verizon No Contract Phones Work @ Verizon

In order to take advantage of these Verizon no contract phone you first have to find a Verizon store. They are located all over, so it shouldn't be hard to find. The salesperson will walk you through the system and tell you what your options are. There are quite a few different plans for Verizon that you can choose from. These plans will have different amounts of data and minutes. All you have to do is select the plan that works best for you.

Plans Offered By Verizon Wireless 2.7.17

A screenshot of plans offered by Verizon on 2/7/17. Plans change all the time so this may not be accurate but should provide as an example of what to expect

You will then be presented with the latest & greatest in smartphone technology. You can opt to buy it a full retail price, which can range between $100-$700, or get on a payment plan and have it added to your bill.. You are not locked into a contract for the service. However, if you leave Verizon you will be required to pay the remaining balance owed on the phone you were making payments on.

The other option that you have is to buy a used phone that was already on the Verizon network.

Save On Used No Contract Verizon Phones

Best Used Verizon No Contract Phones

For many people, the extra money for a new phone will really cut into the things that really matter. Verizon's payment plans do work for many people, but they don't always fit into someone's budget. In the near future, it is expected that Verizon will add interest to their phones, making it take longer to pay off the phone. With smartphones going for over $1,000 in some cases, this is a long-term commitment.

A better solution? Buying a used Verizon no contract phone. Buying a used phone will save you money every single month by not having to make those pesky payments. Since the phone is used, you won't be paying full retail price and you will have a phone that works on your plan. It saves you money all the way around!

Used Cell Phones at Verizon

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Best Used Cell Phones

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