The 3 Best Places To Buy A Used Phone

Best Place To Buy A Used Cell Phone

The 3 Best Places To Buy A Used Phone

When the need comes to replace your phone you have to buy a new one. Or do you?

Buying a used phone is one of the best ways to save money and still get a high quality product that you don’t have to worry about breaking, dropping, or getting wet.

But how do you know the phone you are buying will be worth it? There are so many stories out there about scams and people who bought phones only to have them not work.

Where is the best Place to Buy Used Phones?

The best place to purchase a used phone is online!

Our site @ Best Used Cell Phones will offer you a better selection and better pricing than most other sites.

This is because we have phones from the latest smartphone to the basic flip phone. This gives you the widest selection and greatest flexibility when deciding what you want in your replacement phone.

All of the phones on our site have been thoroughly tested, cleaned and verified clear to activate so that you get a phone that will work for you.

Each phone comes with a warranty, so if something does go wrong, you won’t have to worry. Even better, they’ve been completely wiped clean on the inside and the outside.

There is very little risk when you buy a phone from a place that has a great reputation, check out our reviews.

Should I Buy a Phone from Craigslist?

In short, no you should not purchase a used phone from Craigslist if you can avoid it.

The primary reason is because there are no guarantees the phone will work for you. This means anything that was wrong with the phone is now your problem – from Bad ESN's to software problems to physical damage.

You also don’t get a warranty, so there is no going back from purchasing the phone.

Most importantly, you aren’t always safe physically when buying things off of Craigslist. To keep yourself safe we suggest meeting at your carrier store so that there are people around and you can have a rep check the phone to make sure its eligible to be reactivated.

Can I Buy a Used Phone from eBay?

Many people do feel safer when they purchase a phone on eBay. Sure, you are able to check over the reviews and see what people have to say. Reading through the reviews will give you a good indication on how that seller is and how they service their customers.

If something goes wrong with the phone you purchased you can dispute the sale with eBay and depending on how the item was listed you could get your money back. It important to note that this is a process and it could be weeks before you get a refund while the dispute process works itself out.

For people who need their phone yesterday for internet access, work, or familial communications, this can be extremely upsetting and inconvenient.

Final Thoughts & Suggestions

At the end of the day, you should go with the option that works best for your situation. You may take the chance on Craigslist if you need a phone right now. If you can wait a few days or have a back up, you can order one from our website or on eBay.

For those of you in Austin Texas you can come into our physical store location at The Austin Cell Phone and buy a replacement phone today. All of the phones listed here are also available for sale in our Austin Texas store.

Also, if the reason you need to get a replacement phone is because your broke your last one we may be able to fix it. We repair most cell phones and we specialize in repairing iPhone's. Sometimes it is cheaper to get your phone repaired than buy a new or even used one.

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