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Why Best Used Cell Phones?

We work hard to make sure you are getting the best used cell phone possible. We test, inspect & clean every phone we sell. If a phone does not meet our standards it never makes it onto the site. We also make sure that all rejected phones are recycled responsibly.

Our used phones are ready to activate.

Make sure you choose a phone that is compatible with your service. We check to make sure that the phones we sell are activation ready. It can be a little confusing knowing which phones are compatible so we are here to answers your questions by phone or email.

What all comes with the phone?

What makes our phones a best used cell phone is the complete package. We include a tested battery, battery back and a home wall charger. If your order is over $20 we will ship it for free. We also include a 30 day warranty and lifetime support on any cell phone related questions.

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